Art Queen

Diane Best

Angel Chen

Harrison House Music, Arts & Ecology

High Desert Test Sites

Joshua Tree Highlands Arts Residency

Outpost Projects

Aaron Sheppard


BoxoHOUSE is the HQ for the Joshua Treenial a well as for BoxoPROJECTS.

Address: 62732 Sullivan Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252 (DO NOT GPS - Google Maps is correct though)

Art Queen is the eclectic home to the art of Randy Polumbo and Shari Elf
Address: 61855 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

The Integratron is the storied site of sound baths, time travel legends and so much more.

Address: 2477 Belfield Blvd, Landers, CA 92285

Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts is a night sky theater.

Address: On the grounds of the Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground, 2601 Sunfair Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252